Sơn Pacamara Experiences is a journey of experience, where leaving the bustling city to follow the winding hillsides, listening slowly, meeting people with the same passion. Gently enjoy the pure coffee, the taste of fruit, the herb and the sincere heart of the Special people.

Sơn Pacamara Experiences is also the story of the special people who dare to live and fight for their dreams. And also is the spread of good, kind values. The quality, professionalism and burning passion of the creator of specialty coffee in particular and the Vietnamese coffee enthusiast community in general.

With a burning passion and a deep understanding of the specialty coffee, we hope to bring you a new experience of the full Vietnamese coffee image with the most delicate feelings.

We have 3 kinds of product



In the chilly characteristic of Dalat, indirectly understanding and experiencing the hard work of farmers.

After that, enjoying a cup of coffee by yourself will evoke your senses and emotions in the dreamy highlands of Dalat.


Coming to Workshop, you will understand how Special people blend with nature to create a precious specialty coffee.

And you will understand that making specialty coffee is “No secret only passion”


Every Special People at Sơn Pacamara is an expert in his field. They have their own ways of doing and their own stories. It in part has brought something special to specialty coffee.

The class is an exploration of the world of extremely large but scientific specialty coffee under the guidance of these experts.